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The Marbella bus station is situated next to the N-340 (A-7) motorway, it is your right if you are coming from Malaga.

This is the main station for all buses to Marbella, including the service from Malaga airport. It has 14 platforms and among the services offered to clients you will find a cafe and a newsagents. There are ticket booths and lockers of for all the bus companies that operate from the station.

From here you can travel to all parts of Marbella, Puerto Banus and San Pedro de Alcántara using the local bus lines. You can find more information in the public transport section.

If you prefer, upon leaving the station you will find a taxi rank.

If you come to pick someone up, remember that there is free public parking right in front of the station entrance.


These are the contact details of Marbella Bus Station | How to get to Marbella, so you can make your reservation or ask any questions.

Address: Avenida del Trapiche s/n

Telephone/Fax +34 902 143 144




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Bus routes to Marbella

Route durationOperators Daily routes First arrivalLast arrivalfrom
Tarbes - Marbella 18h 40mExportbus101:5501:55103 €
Murcia - Marbella 07h 00mBacoma406:2521:3043 €
san luis de sabinillas - Marbella 00h 35mPortillo1110:2022:304 €
Guadiaro - Marbella 00h 50mPortillo1110:2022:305 €
Marseille - Marbella 1d 02h 00mOuibus111:4511:4544 €
Torre del Mar - Marbella 02h 00mPortillo113:4513:459 €
Torremolinos - Marbella 00h 40mPortillo4406:0023:004 €
Nerja - Marbella 02h 20mPortillo113:4513:4511 €
Granada - Marbella 02h 55mPortillo411:4523:5518 €
Málaga - Marbella 00h 45mPortillo6606:0023:555 €
Motril - Marbella 03h 15mPortillo113:4513:4516 €
Santa Fe - Marbella 03h 30mPortillo120:4020:4017 €
Cordova - Marbella 04h 30mPortillo113:0013:0019 €
La Línea de la Concepción - Marbella 01h 15mPortillo710:2020:207 €
Barcelona Sants - Marbella 16h 05mBacoma506:2517:3097 €
Algeciras - Marbella 01h 00mPortillo2208:1523:159 €
Barcelona - Marbella 16h 05mBacoma506:2517:3097 €
Bordeaux - Marbella 18h 25mExportbus522:5522:55101 €
Benalmádena Costa - Marbella 00h 30mPortillo3806:0023:003 €
Valencia - Marbella 10h 45mBacoma406:2521:3066 €
Estepona - Marbella 00h 25mPortillo15300:1423:352 €
Madrid - Marbella 06h 50mDaibus901:1023:1018 €
Badalona - Marbella 18h 45mBacoma106:2506:2596 €
Fuengirola - Marbella 00h 30mPortillo9800:1523:302 €
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Bus routes from Marbella

Route durationOperators Daily routes First departureLast departurefrom
Marbella - Avignon 1d 01h 40mExportbus120:3020:30118 €
Marbella - Almería 06h 00mPortillo116:0016:0026 €
Marbella - Granada 02h 30mPortillo308:3517:3018 €
Marbella - Fuengirola 00h 10mPortillo10106:4522:302 €
Marbella - Torremolinos 00h 40mPortillo3807:1522:304 €
Marbella - Estepona 00h 25mPortillo9006:1523:412 €
Marbella - Nîmes 1d 01h 00mBacoma111:3011:30126 €
Marbella - Nerja 02h 00mPortillo116:0016:0011 €
Marbella - Guadiaro 00h 25mPortillo1506:0020:455 €
Marbella - Algeciras 00h 50mPortillo2506:0023:559 €
Marbella - Aachen 1d 09h 40mExportbus107:0007:00147 €
Marbella - Murcia 06h 50mBacoma400:0520:1543 €
Marbella - La Línea de la Concepción 01h 15mPortillo908:2520:457 €
Marbella - Montilla 03h 10mPortillo118:0018:0018 €
Marbella - san luis de sabinillas 00h 25mPortillo1406:0020:454 €
Marbella - Benalmádena Costa 00h 35mPortillo3207:1522:303 €
Marbella - Barcelona 16h 15mBacoma300:0520:1597 €
Marbella - Alicante 08h 00mBacoma400:0520:1550 €
Marbella - Cordova 04h 00mPortillo118:0018:0019 €
Marbella - Málaga 00h 45mPortillo6007:1523:155 €
Marbella - Lucena 02h 50mPortillo118:0018:0015 €
Marbella - El Ejido 05h 10mPortillo116:0016:0023 €
Marbella - Motril 03h 30mPortillo116:0016:0016 €
Marbella - Madrid 07h 15mDaibus1106:2022:4018 €
Marbella - La Herradura 02h 19mPortillo116:0016:0013 €
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