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Malaga Bus Station is the main station of the province, located in the heart of the city and just 3 minutes walking distance from the train station. Near the bus station we find two shopping malls: Vialia, and Plaza de la Solidaridad, conveniently on hand to do some shopping while waiting for your bus to depart.

From here buses arrive and depart headed for other areas of Malaga province, other cities in Spain, as well as international destinations (Porto, Lisbon and Morocco, etc.) If you wish to visit Marbella which is approximately 59 km away, you can choose from three kinds of tickets: direct, plus and express, of varying prices and timetables but the same trip duration of 50 minutes.

The companies which operate from this station are Alsa and Secorbus, Transportes Bacoma, Los amarillos, Autocares Rico, Automoviles Portillo, Sainz Tour, Vázquez Olmedo, Eurolines Peninsular, among others.

From April to October: 07:00 to 22:00
From November to March: 07:00 to 21:00

-Bus: lines which stop here are 91 and A (airport)
-Taxi: if you don’t find a taxi when exiting the station, you can call Taxi Malaga 652 695 740, Taxi Union 952 040 404 or Unitaxi 952 320 000.
-Train: three minutes walking distance from the bus station

To get to the airport from the bus station you can take line A, Paseo del Parque- Airport (express) with departures every 20 to 30 minutes from 6:25 to 23:30. If you prefer you can hire a car at the train station and drop the car off at the airport.

Interesting Facts:
In 2009 a tornado hit the city and part of the roof of the station was torn off and was later discovered in the Plaza de la Merced which is 2.3 km away.

Touch screens available to view and print schedules 24 hours.
Tourism information point
Luggage storage lockers
Services adapted for the blind

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These are the contact details of Malaga Bus Station | Travel to Marbella, so you can make your reservation or ask any questions.

Address: Paseo de los Tilos s/n

Telephone/Fax +34 952 350 061


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Bus routes to Marbella

Route durationOperators Daily routes First arrivalLast arrivalfrom
san luis de sabinillas - Marbella 00h 35mPortillo1110:2022:304 €
Cordova - Marbella 04h 30mPortillo113:0013:0019 €
Metz - Marbella 1d 07h 10mExportbus114:2514:25162 €
La Línea de la Concepción - Marbella 01h 15mPortillo710:2020:207 €
Benalmádena Costa - Marbella 00h 30mPortillo3806:0023:003 €
Villanueva del Rosario - Marbella 02h 20mAlsa120:4020:4012 €
Granada - Marbella 02h 55mPortillo411:4523:5518 €
Aachen - Marbella 1d 08h 55mExportbus122:5522:55151 €
Gandia - Marbella 10h 40mBacoma211:4521:3061 €
Barcelona - Marbella 16h 05mBacoma506:2517:3097 €
Dortmund - Marbella 1d 12h 55mExportbus122:5522:55161 €
Bern - Marbella 1d 07h 40mExportbus122:5522:55171 €
Torremolinos - Marbella 00h 40mPortillo4406:0023:004 €
Alicante - Marbella 08h 00mBacoma406:2521:3050 €
Málaga - Marbella 00h 45mPortillo6606:0023:555 €
Benidorm - Marbella 08h 55mBacoma406:2521:3054 €
Fuengirola - Marbella 00h 30mPortillo9800:1523:302 €
Nerja - Marbella 02h 20mPortillo113:4513:4511 €
Montpellier - Marbella 23h 15mOuibus111:4511:45126 €
Estepona - Marbella 00h 25mPortillo15300:1423:352 €
Barcelona Sants - Marbella 16h 05mBacoma506:2517:3097 €
Madrid - Marbella 06h 50mDaibus901:1023:1018 €
Algeciras - Marbella 01h 00mPortillo2208:1523:159 €
San Roque - Marbella 00h 25mPortillo1407:2521:557 €
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Bus routes from Marbella

Route durationOperators Daily routes First departureLast departurefrom
Marbella - Málaga 00h 45mPortillo6007:1523:155 €
Marbella - Basel 1d 10h 45mExportbus107:0007:00153 €
Marbella - Nerja 02h 00mPortillo116:0016:0011 €
Marbella - Fuengirola 00h 10mPortillo10106:4522:302 €
Marbella - Torremolinos 00h 40mPortillo3807:1522:304 €
Marbella - La Línea de la Concepción 01h 15mPortillo908:2520:457 €
Marbella - Lucena 02h 50mPortillo118:0018:0015 €
Marbella - Benalmádena Costa 00h 35mPortillo3207:1522:303 €
Marbella - Guadiaro 00h 25mPortillo1506:0020:455 €
Marbella - Madrid 07h 15mDaibus1106:2022:4018 €
Marbella - Cordova 04h 00mPortillo118:0018:0019 €
Marbella - Carcassonne 21h 55mExportbus107:0007:00121 €
Marbella - Estepona 00h 25mPortillo9006:1523:412 €
Marbella - La Herradura 02h 19mPortillo116:0016:0013 €
Marbella - Bayonne 16h 25mExportbus407:0007:0087 €
Marbella - Barcelona 16h 15mBacoma300:0520:1597 €
Marbella - El Ejido 05h 10mPortillo116:0016:0023 €
Marbella - Gandia 11h 00mBacoma100:0500:0561 €
Marbella - Algeciras 00h 50mPortillo2506:0023:559 €
Marbella - Almería 06h 00mPortillo116:0016:0026 €
Marbella - Metz 1d 06h 25mExportbus115:4515:45140 €
Marbella - Granada 02h 30mPortillo308:3517:3018 €
Marbella - Valencia 10h 35mBacoma400:0520:1566 €
Marbella - Baza 04h 45mBacoma211:3020:1529 €
Marbella - Frankfurt am Main 1d 12h 15mExportbus107:0007:00159 €
Marbella - Cologne 1d 11h 10mExportbus107:0007:00148 €
* This information is for orientation purposes. Use our search feature to check the most current list of routes/excursions.

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