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If you plan to travel around Marbella using public transport, then this section will be useful for you as it offers you information on the local bus routes here in Marbella.

There are seven local bus routes in Marbella, plus a night route. All the buses are run by a company called CTSA-Portillo that belongs to the Avanzabus group. Down the side you will find information on each bus route, where the stops are and other useful information.

The timetables are very practical, but you need to take into account that in the summer the buses may not always be on time, partly because of the amount of traffic and also because of the huge amount of passengers.
In recent years the public transport service has been criticized a lot, and rightly so, but it does seem to be getting a lot better now.

The busiest buses are the ones that pass through the centre of Marbella, like the L-1 that goes as far as Puerto Banús or those that stop at the La Cañada shopping centre and the bus station, like the numbers L-3 or L-6.

Whether your apartment is in the centre of the town or in the outskirts o Marbella, you will have easy access to the local buses.

You can buy a standard ticket on the bus itself, but you cannot buy the "bono·s that give you a discounted rate.
Remember to have plenty of change or small notes as the drivers aren't required to carry change so you could risk having problems and not being able to travel if you don't.

There are stops throughout the whole town that are identified by blue posts that have all the timetables displayed on them.


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Bus routes to Marbella

Route durationOperators Daily routes First arrivalLast arrivalfrom
Manresa - Marbella 20h 25mBacoma106:2506:25101 €
Benalmádena Costa - Marbella 00h 30mPortillo3806:0023:003 €
Cordova - Marbella 04h 30mPortillo113:0013:0019 €
Mulhouse - Marbella 1d 08h 10mExportbus122:5522:55142 €
Torre del Mar - Marbella 02h 00mPortillo113:4513:459 €
Algeciras - Marbella 01h 00mPortillo2208:1523:159 €
Alicante - Marbella 08h 00mBacoma406:2521:3050 €
Málaga - Marbella 00h 45mPortillo6606:0023:555 €
Torremolinos - Marbella 00h 40mPortillo4406:0023:004 €
Almuñécar - Marbella 02h 45mPortillo113:4513:4514 €
Nerja - Marbella 02h 20mPortillo113:4513:4511 €
Benidorm - Marbella 08h 55mBacoma406:2521:3054 €
Bazas - Marbella 05h 00mAlsa201:0017:0028 €
san luis de sabinillas - Marbella 00h 35mPortillo1110:2022:304 €
Granada - Marbella 02h 55mPortillo411:4523:5518 €
Valencia - Marbella 10h 45mBacoma406:2521:3066 €
London Victoria station - Marbella 1d 10h 50mExportbus219:2019:20122 €
Estepona - Marbella 00h 25mPortillo15300:1423:352 €
Montilla - Marbella 03h 55mPortillo113:0013:0018 €
Liège - Marbella 1d 08h 10mExportbus122:5522:55166 €
Karlsruhe - Marbella 1d 10h 40mExportbus122:5522:55156 €
La Línea de la Concepción - Marbella 01h 15mPortillo710:2020:207 €
Madrid - Marbella 06h 50mDaibus901:1023:1018 €
Fuengirola - Marbella 00h 30mPortillo9800:1523:302 €
Santa Fe - Marbella 03h 30mPortillo120:4020:4017 €
* This information is for orientation purposes. Use our search feature to check the most current list of routes/excursions.

Bus routes from Marbella

Route durationOperators Daily routes First departureLast departurefrom
Marbella - Torremolinos 00h 40mPortillo3807:1522:304 €
Marbella - Mainz 1d 11h 10mExportbus107:0007:00163 €
Marbella - Metz 1d 06h 25mExportbus115:4515:45140 €
Marbella - Almería 06h 00mPortillo116:0016:0026 €
Marbella - san luis de sabinillas 00h 25mPortillo1406:0020:454 €
Marbella - Valencia 10h 35mBacoma400:0520:1566 €
Marbella - Nantes 22h 15mExportbus123:5523:55106 €
Marbella - Alicante 08h 00mBacoma400:0520:1550 €
Marbella - Karlsruhe 1d 11h 10mExportbus107:0007:00153 €
Marbella - Algeciras 00h 50mPortillo2506:0023:559 €
Marbella - Barcelona 16h 15mBacoma300:0520:1597 €
Marbella - Madrid 07h 15mDaibus1106:2022:4018 €
Marbella - Benalmádena Costa 00h 35mPortillo3207:1522:303 €
Marbella - Denia 10h 15mBacoma200:0511:3058 €
Marbella - Estepona 00h 25mPortillo9006:1523:412 €
Marbella - Lausanne 1d 06h 10mExportbus107:0007:00136 €
Marbella - Fuengirola 00h 10mPortillo10106:4522:302 €
Marbella - Cordova 04h 00mPortillo118:0018:0019 €
Marbella - Murcia 06h 50mBacoma400:0520:1543 €
Marbella - Saint-Étienne-de-Baïgorry 1d 01h 25mExportbus107:0007:00120 €
Marbella - Málaga 00h 45mPortillo6007:1523:155 €
Marbella - Rotterdam 1d 11h 25mExportbus107:0007:00152 €
Marbella - La Línea de la Concepción 01h 15mPortillo908:2520:457 €
Marbella - Granada 02h 30mPortillo308:3517:3018 €
Marbella - Mulhouse 1d 08h 40mExportbus107:0007:00139 €
Marbella - Guadiaro 00h 25mPortillo1506:0020:455 €
* This information is for orientation purposes. Use our search feature to check the most current list of routes/excursions.


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  • The night line follows the same route as the L-1 bus line, passing through the centre of Marbella and onto Puerto Banús.As this is the only night line, in summer the bus is always full of young people...

  • The Bono Bus tickets are special cards that allow you to use public transport in Marbella taking advantage of a cheaper price per trip. The normal price of the ticket is 1.18 euros, with the Bono Bus card...

  • There is a bus line that goes from Seville to Marbella. It has usually three daily departures from Monday to Sunday. To confirm the bus schedule is advisable to call the company or link:(http://sevilla.costasur.com/sites/estacion-de-autobuses-prado-de-san-sebastian/en/index.html,bus...

    +34 807 505 874

    Avenida del Trapiche s/n

  • There is a direct bus service linking Malaga Airport to Marbella bus station, located at Avenida del Trapiche.The bus stop is out of the Airport Terminal 3, the company that manages the service is Portillo....

  • link:(http://buses.costasur.com/en/estacion_de_buses-Malaga-nr5.html,Malaga Bus Station) is the main station of the province, located in the heart of the city and just 3 minutes walking distance from the...

    +34 952 350 061

    Paseo de los Tilos s/n

  • The Marbella bus station is situated next to the N-340 (A-7) motorway, it is your right if you are coming from Malaga.This is the main station for all buses to Marbella, including the service from Malaga...

    +34 902 143 144

    Avenida del Trapiche s/n

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