How To Get to Marbella | Costa del Sol | Spain

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How to get there

If you're wondering how to get to Marbella, Costa del Sol you have come to the right place.
It is located in the heart of the Malaga Coastline, and it is a city in which you can arrive by plane from the Malaga airport, by car, bus, taxi, or rental car.

If you have arrived at Malaga Airport and have decided to rent a car, getting into Marbella is easy. Simply leave the airport and follow signs for the A-7, (the old N-340) towards Cadiz - Algeciras, until you find the exit for Marbella.

First you will pass Torremolinos, Benalmadena and then just before you get to Fuengirola you can choose between the toll motorway AP-7 or continue on the A-7 (old N-340).

Remember that you can reserve your car rental in advance here at, saving you the queues and any potential drawbacks to your arrival at Malaga.

If you like landscapes, the A-7 is your choice, as it runs for quite a long stretch of the coast and looks out across the Sierra de Mijas.
However if you are in a rush to get to Marbella, the AP-7 toll motorway will get you there quickly.

Although many travellers point out that there is not much difference in terms of arrival time between the two roads, during the summer the A-7 may suffer traffic jams, while the AP-7 is easier.

If you are coming from Cadiz, will also make reference to the N-340 or AP-7, this time in Malaga.

If you prefer, there is also bus service, just leave the terminal 3 of the airport and go to the bus stop that is situated at the front of the building.
There is only one, so you cannot go wrong.
The buses are run by the Portillo bus company, and they take you to the station in Marbella in less than an hour.

The train is also an option but not recommended because the Renfe line only goes as far as Fuengirola, from which you will need to catch a bus to get to Marbella.


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Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport in Málaga is the most important on the Costa del Sol and Andalusia, receiving numerous domestic and international flights every day and is located just 60 km from Marbella.

Alternatively, it is also possible to fly to Seville or Jerez de la Frontera, but the distance to Marbella is much greater. In the case of flying to these airports, renting a car is quickest and most efficient way of getting to Marbella.

For more information about how to get to Marbella, visit the various dedicated sections.

Bus routes to Marbella

Route durationOperators Daily routes First arrivalLast arrivalfrom
Velez-Rubio - Marbella05h 20mBacoma206:2521:3035 €
Estepona - Marbella00h 25mPortillo15300:1423:352 €
Fuengirola - Marbella00h 30mPortillo9800:1523:302 €
Torre del Mar - Marbella02h 00mPortillo113:4513:459 €
La Línea de la Concepción - Marbella01h 15mPortillo710:2020:207 €
Barcelona - Marbella16h 05mBacoma506:2517:3097 €
Málaga - Marbella00h 45mPortillo6606:0023:555 €
Düsseldorf - Marbella1d 11h 30mExportbus122:5522:55151 €
san luis de sabinillas - Marbella00h 35mPortillo1110:2022:304 €
Motril - Marbella03h 15mPortillo113:4513:4516 €
Terrassa - Marbella19h 55mBacoma106:2506:2598 €
Nerja - Marbella02h 20mPortillo113:4513:4511 €
Algeciras - Marbella01h 00mPortillo2208:1523:159 €
Denia - Marbella10h 10mBacoma206:2521:3058 €
Bern - Marbella1d 07h 40mExportbus122:5522:55171 €
El Ejido - Marbella05h 10mPortillo113:4513:4523 €
Granada - Marbella02h 55mPortillo411:4523:5518 €
Guadix - Marbella03h 55mBacoma306:2521:3025 €
Cordova - Marbella04h 30mPortillo113:0013:0019 €
Benalmádena Costa - Marbella00h 30mPortillo3806:0023:003 €
Puerto Lumbreras - Marbella05h 40mBacoma306:2521:3037 €
Torremolinos - Marbella00h 40mPortillo4406:0023:004 €
Madrid - Marbella06h 50mDaibus901:1023:1018 €
* This information is for orientation purposes. Use our search feature to check the most current list of routes/excursions.

Bus routes from Marbella

Route durationOperators Daily routes First departureLast departurefrom
Marbella - Valencia10h 35mBacoma400:0520:1566 €
Marbella - Ronda01h 10mPortillo509:3022:007 €
Marbella - Fuengirola00h 10mPortillo10106:4522:302 €
Marbella - La Línea de la Concepción01h 15mPortillo908:2520:457 €
Marbella - Granada02h 30mPortillo308:3517:3018 €
Marbella - Murcia06h 50mBacoma400:0520:1543 €
Marbella - Guadiaro00h 25mPortillo1506:0020:455 €
Marbella - Estepona00h 25mPortillo9006:1523:412 €
Marbella - Almería06h 00mPortillo116:0016:0026 €
Marbella - Nerja02h 00mPortillo116:0016:0011 €
Marbella - Benalmádena Costa00h 35mPortillo3207:1522:303 €
Marbella - Rennes23h 40mExportbus107:0007:00112 €
Marbella - Benidorm08h 45mBacoma400:0520:1554 €
Marbella - Motril03h 30mPortillo116:0016:0016 €
Marbella - Gandia11h 00mBacoma100:0500:0561 €
Marbella - Madrid07h 15mDaibus1106:2022:4018 €
Marbella - Santa Fe04h 05mPortillo112:3512:3517 €
Marbella - El Ejido05h 10mPortillo116:0016:0023 €
Marbella - Algeciras00h 50mPortillo2506:0023:559 €
Marbella - san luis de sabinillas00h 25mPortillo1406:0020:454 €
Marbella - Cordova04h 00mPortillo118:0018:0019 €
Marbella - Torremolinos00h 40mPortillo3807:1522:304 €
Marbella - Elche08h 15mBacoma200:0511:3049 €
Marbella - Málaga00h 45mPortillo6007:1523:155 €
* This information is for orientation purposes. Use our search feature to check the most current list of routes/excursions.


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  • Malaga Airport (AGP) is the most important airport in Andalucia and is located within 60km from Marbella. It is one of the oldest operating Spanish airports and has recently added a new terminal to improve...

    +34 952 048 804

    Aeropuerto de Málaga

  • The Marbella bus station is situated next to the N-340 (A-7) motorway, it is your right if you are coming from Malaga.This is the main station for all buses to Marbella, including the service from Malaga...

    +34 902 143 144

    Avenida del Trapiche s/n

  • There is a direct bus service linking Malaga Airport to Marbella bus station, located at Avenida del Trapiche.The bus stop is out of the Airport Terminal 3, the company that manages the service is Portillo....

  • +34 952 77 44 88

    Avenida Canovas del Castillo s/n

  • There is a bus line that goes from Seville to Marbella. It has usually three daily departures from Monday to Sunday. To confirm the bus schedule is advisable to call the company or link:(,bus...

    +34 807 505 874

    Avenida del Trapiche s/n

  • Kids will love the sea and sailing, so why not experience the ferry ride from Marbella to Puerto Banus? Fly Blue Uno is a catamaran that travels between the Marbella marina oand the marina at Puerto Banus.The...

    +34 663 82 79 86

  • link:(,Malaga Bus Station) is the main station of the province, located in the heart of the city and just 3 minutes walking distance from the...

    +34 952 350 061

    Paseo de los Tilos s/n

  • Fuengirola train station is the closest to Marbella, the end of the C-1 commuter line that connects Fuengirola with Malaga (Maria Zambrano station), passing through the airport.The station is located in...

    +34 902 240 202

    Avenida Juan Gómez Juanito, s/n

  • Malaga Maria Zambrano train station is a modern and functional building, belonging to the ADIF station network.If you travel by train to Marbella, this station will most probably be your final stop.Next...

    912 432 343 - 912 320 320

    Explanada de la Estación s/n

  • RENFE General Information for Marbella.

    +34 902 24 02 02

  • +34 952 815 068

    Avenida José Banús s/n

  • +34 952 8669 01

    calle Ramon Gomez de la Serna 8

  • +34 952 828 553

    Avenida del Mar s/n

  • +34 669 22 30 20

    Avenida Huerta de Belón s/n

  • +34 952 829 791

    calle Huerta Chica s/n

  • +34 952 902 488

    calle Arias de Maldonado s/n

  • +34 952 924 328

    Avenida del Mercado s/n

  • +34 952 816 784

    Centro Comercial Cristamar

  • +34 913 211 000

    Aeropuerto de Granada

  • +34 913 211 000

    Aeropuerto de Sevilla

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